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Book Review: The Origin of Murder by Jerold Last

The Origin Of Murder (Roger and Suzanne South American Mystery Series Book 8)
by Jerold Last
Publisher: Jerold Last
Published: May 3, 2014

Amazon Synopsis:

The Origin of Murder is a fast paced whodunit mystery that brings Roger and Suzanne back to South America. The couple are on a luxury cruise through the Galapagos Islands when Suzanne finds a woman’s body with a couple of bullet holes in it floating in the Pacific Ocean. There’s a ship full of suspects, including a shady DEA agent and two nubile sisters from San Francisco, with more dead bodies to come. The supporting cast includes their young son Robert, Bruce the nanny, and Paraguayan policeman Eduardo Garcia. Join our detectives on a visit to the Galapagos Islands as Charles Darwin might have seen them on his historical voyage on HMS Beagle, and visit the ancient Incan city and capital of Ecuador, Quito, high in South America’s Andes Mountains. Series fans and new readers will enjoy this exciting mystery novel, which can be enjoyed as a standalone entry to the series.

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 My Thoughts:

The Origin of Murder is a Roger and Suzanne Bowman mystery series story. It takes place in the Galápagos Islands from where Darwin wrote The Origin of the Species. At the beginning of each chapter is a quotation by Darwin from his book. Some of these quotes are linked to the web where the reader can find further information.

The novel is rich with descriptions of the flora and fauna of the area, so much so that the reader can easily visualize the myriad variety of birds and other wildlife in the area. In some ways it almost reads like a documentary. But a documentary this book is not. The Origin of Murder is a complex twisted plot of a murder novel.

In this novel we become better acquainted with the personality and talents of the Bowman's nanny Bruce and find a little more about their son Robert as the Bowman's are on vacation in the Galápagos Islands.

I like the way the Roger and Suzanne work together as a team solving their cases and how their abilities complement one another. There are enough twists and turns in this novel to keep your head spinning. Multiple murders, multiple suspects, multiple motives. You'll just have to try to keep up.

If you like mysteries, you're sure to like this one. I'd recommend the Origin of Murder. I gave it 5 stars out of 5.

Thank you to the author for providing a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. A positive opinion was not required. All thoughts are my own.

About the Author:

The author is a scientist on the faculty of the University of California and a big fan of California mystery novels. He taught a popular Freshman Seminar on California Mystery novels for several years at U.C. Davis.

The settings and locales for all of the South American mystery novels are authentic; the author lived previously in Salta, Argentina and Montevideo, Uruguay for several months each, and selected several of the most interesting locations he found for Roger and Suzanne to visit.

Jerry and his wife Elaine live in Northern California, where Elaine breeds prize-winning German Shorthaired Pointer dogs and enjoys being a grandmother to three granddaughters and a grandson.

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