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Book Review: Kitty is Looking for Friends by Anat Umansky

Kitty is Looking for Friends
By Anat Umansky
Publisher: Anat Umansky
Published: July 4, 2014

Amazon Synopsis:
 3 - 8  P - 2
This children's book tells us a story about a beautiful kitty, who has a big problem! What is wrong with Kitty? And why it is so difficult telling her to make friends? 

This is a small children's book, with a short story, easy to read with rhymes. A fun and beautifully illustrated book that lets you and your child to choose it's end. 

"If you want to have friends, you must show them respect. 
If you don’t, you have only the worst to expect. 
This is the story of one little kitty, 
Who thought she was special and clever and pretty, 
Until she discovered, one bright sunny day 
That none of her friends wanted to play. 
But why? 
Maybe you know? 
Why doesn't anyone want to play with Such a pretty, clever kitty? " 

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 My Thoughts:

Kitty is Looking for Friends is a book that could assist in teaching children early on what it means to be a good friend. Kitty was a poor example of how to be a good friend. All the other animals were good examples of what a good friend does. Unfortunately, Kitty doesn’t realize that and ends up very lonely. (There are spoilers in this review).

At first the animals came up to her wanting to play with her but she said mean things to them (though maybe she didn’t realize what she said was unkind). If I were one of those animals I would have been insulted too.

Later she invites other animals to play with her but they all say no. She can’t figure out why. My personal opinion is that it is because they heard what Kitty said to the other animals when they invited Kitty to play with them. Kitty sees the animals she first insulted playing with each other and having fun together and says “I’m not fussy, I’ll play with any of you. Who wants to come play with me?” Each of them tell her a quality they like about themselves and either refuse to play with her or she still refuses to play with them.

The ending was an unusual one as the author asks for suggestions from the audience in order to help Kitty. However, this isn’t really an ending for the story and I didn’t care for it as wasn’t satisfying as an ending. I felt like I needed to sit down with my child and help them write the author with some suggestions for Kitty so she could make friends, but that wouldn’t really help because the book still wouldn’t feel finished the next time we read it.

The pictures were brightly coloured and went well with the text on the page. There was generally only one picture per two-page spread.

This book also comes with an audiobook that you have to request after you purchase the book. The mp3 file comes to you via email and can be played on MediaPlayer or iTunes on your computer. I do not have a Kindle so I did not test it out on that particular device.

I felt that this book was trying to teach positive behaviour by looking at Kitty’s negative or lack of positive behaviour. I would rather teach by example, so I don’t think this book would be one of the best ways to teach how to be a friend. It might be a good reinforcement tool for reminding a child “What should she say/do instead?” though.

I gave Kitty is Looking for Friends 3 stars out of 5.

Thank you to the author for providing a copy of the book in exchange for a fair and honest review. A positive opinion is not required. All thoughts are my own.

About the Author:

Anat Umansky, was born in 1962, Tel Aviv, Israel.

She is a professional writer, very popular children's author in Israel.

During the last 20 years she published over 100 children's books titles,(hard cover-in Hebrew)and sold hundreds of thousands copies of children's books, concerning different subjects, touching many aspects of children's life.

Anat loves to teach kids basic skills, through stories. She believes that a good story is the best way to communicate with children.

Anat likes to write children's stories about emotions. Her stories are motivating the kids, inspiring them, make them think...For years, Anat had been watching how (her young readers, and the kids who listened to her stories) developed, grew, matured, learned to deal with emotions, solved problems and overcome obstacles.

She does it by using fascinating stories, adventures, and wisdom of life. She never forgets to use humor, hope and faith; Anat really believes that these three notions are the fundamental stones for creating healthy, happy and strong kids - body and soul. That’s how Anat's stories turned to be classic children’s books.

And yes, Anat always takes into consideration the adult, who shares the stories with the kids, either by choosing the book, by reading the stories, or just by being there watching the child.

Dear adults, watch Anat's stories carefully, there will be always a message for you too.

Nowadays, Anat Umansky's best stories are brought to the English readers with great love. Hopefully you will like and enjoy them.

Anat Umansky is always happy to get your reviews, answer your questions or simply talk to you. Please, feel free, to contact the author

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