Review Policy

Thank you for taking the time to check out my review policy.

I appreciate the opportunity to write a review for your book. My reviews are my personal opinion of the books I read. I enjoy helping authors get the word out about their books. I do not get paid for my reviews, but if you would like me to review a book for you, I would appreciate if you could send me a review copy of your work.

I am also accepting author interviews and guest posts.

***In an effort to save both of us time, I will state up front that I am making an effort to make this blog more of a family-friendly blog and therefore I will only accept books with clean language and free from explicit sexual conduct. Please do not request a review for your book if it has a significant amount of profanity or sex.  Thank you.

I do not review books about vampires or gay/lesbian relationships.***

What Book Format Will I Accept?

Advance Reader Copies, Audiobooks, and Ebooks. My preference is mobi format though I will accept other formats. I prefer not to accept print books.

What Genres Do I Prefer?

Young Adult,  Mysteries and Thrillers, Christian Fiction, Historical, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Clean Romance and Children's books

What About Self-Published Books and Authors?

Absolutely! I will accept review requests for books that fit the genres I review. Please provide Goodreads link in the review request.

What's the Turn-around Time Between Acceptance of the Book and the Published Review?

The turn-around time varies on the length of my To Be Read List which is always very long. You can expect at least three months minimum unless I have approached you for the review. Turn-around time will be less if I have reviewed books for you before and your book is a new release as I will try to coordinate my review with your release date. My best answer is always, "If you're not sure, just ask."

Published Reviews:

All reviews are published on this blog. I also post my reviews on:

If you have other sites you would like the review published, please let me know and I will do my best to accomjodate you.

Links to my review will always be shared to Twitter, Facebook and Google+ (Public and several communities - depends on the book - I share the review with the communities that I belong to that are appropriate for the book. For some books that could be up to 8 communities, reaching a possible 10 - 15,000 additional people (that's how many people belong to those communities).

I cannot guarantee a good review, but I will try. In most cases, I would prefer to publish a positive and favourable review on my blog, rather than a review of a book I did not like.

I participate in book blasts and blog tours. These dates are set and so my other reviews will be worked around them.

If the book I’m reviewing is an upcoming release, I will try to schedule my review to post within a few weeks of the release date, though I make no
promises that this will happen all the time. Life can get in the way and plans can change.

If you have any questions or would like to contact me to arrange a review, please feel free to contact me.

Twitter: https://twitter@KathrynSvendsen

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  1. Ah! I shall have to be patient, then. My third novel is due to be released very soon and I was going to ask you to review it. I see I must wait till March. Ah, well!