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Book Review: Cluck the Undercover Chicken by G. Eric Francis

Cluck the Undercover Chicken
By G. Eric Francis
Publisher: G. Eric Francis
Published: Mar. 15, 2014

Amazon Synopsis:

"Cluck The Undercover Chicken" is a love story. 

Wait, that isn't it. 

It's an action adventure filled with thrills, intrigue and danger. 

Well, it does have that. 

It has a hero that kids can look up to. 

That definitely isn't true, despite what that "hero" thinks.'s the truth. 

It's a story about a rooster who can't stand being called a rooster, who also spends his time arguing with the writer of the book, while trying to save his planet (made of a mutated egg shell) from a crazed hen who wants equal long as she is absolute ruler. 

And you think you have problems. 

"Cluck" is a book that middle aged-kids (and perhaps some adults) will enjoy. An agent with "The Eggency", Cluck is the best at what he does. Sadly, his ego is as massive as his skills. 

Besides being blinded by his arrogance, Cluck is helped along by "ST", the writer of his adventures and a voice only he can hear. While this causes some to question his sanity, together they make an uneasy, but successful partnership. 

When a hen named "The Fan" (named because she has a deadly hand fan with her at all times) forms a worldwide cult in order to take over the planet, it's up to Cluck to toss a feather in her plans...if his ego doesn't trip him up first. 

Written for the young with laughs built in for all, "Cluck" is a book meant to be an unique reading experience; a quick read that you will remember for a long time.

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My Thoughts:

Cluck the Undercover Chicken is just the kind of book that will tickle the funnybone of your child in the grade 4 to 7 age category. Filled with puns and kid humour, they will enjoy the EggEarth world and how chickens (and roosters) are the dominating race since humans have died out.

Cluck has an ego that is bigger than his head and sometimes has to rely on ST or the storyteller to get him out of some tight spots. I think that youngsters will appreciate his antics and his humour and get a kick out of him. Whether the story is read to them and thus shared between parent and child or the child reads the book on their own, Cluck the Undercover Chicken is sure to delight that youthful sense of humour.

I liked Cluck’s expressions when he was frustrated. Rather than swearing or using unpleasant language, he used “chicken” language such as “Feathers and chicken feet!” There are also several coloured pictures sprinkled throughout the book. These pictures are quite humorous and add nicely to the story.

There is lots of action and adventure, danger and intrigue in this short novel for preteens. I think they will very much enjoy the puns, humour and silliness in this book. I gave this book 4 stars out of 5.

Thank you to the author for providing a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. A positive opinion was not required. All thoughts are my own.

About the Author:

Hello! You know, I hate talking about myself, but I do love talking about why I write.

I always have crazy idea floating through my head, whether it be about undercover chickens, kids who discover the cure for some deadly disease, or other ideas that I hope to bring to life if (show some confidence, G...WHEN) folks like you continue to support my work.

I was born in NYC in the late 1960's (so I remember when "Scooby Doo" actually was good). I graduated from Syracuse University in the 1990s, and moved out to the MidWestern US when I figured making sandwiches for a living wasn't my intended purpose in life. 

I met my wife while at a club called "Gators", and I have two great kids, including one with special needs, which makes for special times most days.

As for what I like to read, anything that will take me on a grand adventure works for "The Hunger Games" series is a big plus. 

When I am not writing (or commenting on the world around me), I am a huge movie fan (summertime is my favorite time of the year), I collect music (over 19k on my iPod, with Prince being my favorite) and cheering for (and banging my head against the wall) my favorite baseball team, those 27 time World Champion Yankees (hope there aren't any Red Sox fans reading this :)

Well, that's it. Simple guy who hopes to write books that entertain you, all the while hoping to one day make a living out of it.

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