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BookReview: Weird and Wonderful by Anna-Christina and Adie Hardy

Weird and Wonderful
By Anna-Christina and Adie Hardy
Publisher: Busy Bees Publishing
Published: Oct. 2015


This is a sweet tale about a centipede and his friends, a snail, a slug and a spider. The centipede explains how we have to be careful not to step on any of the little bugs and he sings a cute song about this. They make their way through the trees and the grass. They crawled through a tunnel under the ground. They climb up a vine to the top of a hill and then they slide down the hill and head off to the centipede’s house for tea. The story includes an original soundtrack with a sweet little sing-along song. Accompanied by unique sound effects throughout.

Weird & Wonderful is our ninth audio book. It was inspired by a story my sister told me and I felt compelled to write something about the bugs that are perhaps less popular than others such as slugs! The score has no conventional orchestral instruments which makes this story different from the others. I decided to use some unusual instruments such as the African Kalimba, Tapped Wine Glass sounds, the Pan Mallet and some Jamaican instruments. This brought an interesting flavour to the sound of the composition. Cormac Mc Coy provided the voice of the centipede and did a great job with his song. I liked the way he sung it with an informative flare. The narrator, me, also had to sing the song at the end which I greatly enjoyed!

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My Thoughts:

This audio story is for children around the ages of 2-3 years of age. It teaches them about a centipede and his three friends, a slug, a spider, a snail. The listener learns things like how many legs they have and that we need to be careful not to step on them when we are walking. They sing a cute little song about this.

This particular little audio story uses non-traditional instruments for its orchestral music, so it has a rather different flavour. It is one of the more subdued stories that they have written.

Weird and Wonderful is one of Music Audio Stories shorter stories at under 4 minutes. Its length is great for the shorter attention span of toddlers. It’s a story about friendship, differences and being careful not to hurt small creatures.

The creatures in this story are those that are perhaps less popular, such as the slug. We don’t mind talking about the beautiful creatures such as the butterfly, so the author decided to give the less popular ones some air time in this cute story.

I really liked the music in this audio story. I thought the use of non-traditional instruments was an inspirational addition to this story. The bugs after all are not the common, ordinary ones everyone loves and sings about, so the use of uncommon, non-traditional orchestral instruments fit perfectly and made beautiful music.

Unless you listen to their stories on a daily basis you’ll probably have to listen to one of the other eight stories produced by Music Audio Stories after you hear Weird and Wonderful to see just how different the music actually is on this new soundtrack. I’ve reviewed a number of their stories and I had to compare this new story with an older one before I realized just how much different it really was. I thought the change was delightful.

I was quite enamored with this latest offering by Anna-Christina and Adie Hardy. They continue to produce quality audio stories for children in the age range of 2 to 5 years. I rated this story 5 stars out of 5.

Thank you to the publishers for providing a copy of this audio story in exchange for a fair and honest review. A positive opinion was not required. All thoughts are my own.

About the Author:


Busy Bees Publishing

Adie Hardy and Anna-Christina are a powerhouse composing duo based in London. 

Together, they set up and run Busy Bees Publishing producing original, fun and inspiring children’s audio books. Whilst working on their first audio story March of The Ants, they searched online for other audio stories similar to theirs, yet could find nobody combining original classical music with original children's stories and sound effects. They decided to invent their own genre and call their creations "Music Audio Stories".


These interactive audio books are fantastic fun. Not only do they encourage children to be part of the story through drawing, song and dance, they inspire them to act out the scenes and be part of the magical journey. They are also educational and wonderful for children with impaired vision or vision disabilities.

Our unique stories help your children stimulate their productive senses and imagination. This is what we guarantee. They are great for school use and homeschooling and make those long car journeys fly by. What's more, our Music Audio Stories are affordable. Our feedback has shown that children love to hear the stories over and over again as they discover new things each time they listen. Visit our website for a free download and to find all of our stories here: Music Audio Stories

We look forward to entertaining and making learning easy and fun for your children. 

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