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Book Review: A PATH LESS TRAVELED by Cathy Bryant

A PATH LESS TRAVELED (A Miller's Creek Novel Book 2)

By Cathy Bryant
Publisher: WordVessel Press
Published: Oct. 21, 2010
ASIN: B0048EK14O

Amazon Synopsis:

A grief-stricken single mom, her traumatized little boy, and the new lawyer in town who loves them both... 

Trish James is tired of being rescued. When a spooked horse claims her husband's life, she’s determined to blaze a path for herself and her traumatized son without outside help. Unfortunately, her attempts to run her own business as an artist and wedding planner just don't pay the bills. But will that mean leaving her hometown of Miller's Creek--the place etched on her heart? 

Andy Tyler has had to struggle for everything, and starting a new law practice in Miller's Creek, Texas is no different. Though prepared for business challenges, he's not prepared for falling in love--especially with yet another woman who will probably abandon him for her career. 

Will Andy and Trish be able to fully trust in God and take a path less traveled? 

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My Thoughts:

Trish James is a young widow with a traumatized six-year-old son who saw his father die when a horse kicked him. Trish is in financial straits but refuses to let anyone know, including her family, because she doesn’t want anyone’s help. Starting a business as an artist and a wedding planner is hard enough and in a small town like Miller’s Creek it’s even tougher. What can she possibly do?

Andy Tyler relocates to Miller’s Creek with a new law practice and volunteers as the coach for Trish’s son Bo’s baseball team. Bo and Andy hit it off right away with Bo looking up to Andy as a substitute father. Andy would like to get to know Trish better too, but it’s been less than a year since her husband passed away and Trish is not ready to move on yet.

I really enjoyed the relationship that developed between Bo and Andy. When a young boy doesn’t have a father, it really helps to have someone who he can look up to, to meet that need.

Trish was afraid of the same thing as many of the rest of us are – of looking weak or needy if we ask for help. But God knows that we are not all islands of our own and we need each other. We were built to need one another and it’s okay to need help. I think that was one of the lessons that God was trying to teach Trish.

One of the benefits of allowing others to help us that we often forget is that we allow them to opportunity to show their love for us by doing something for us. That makes them feel blessed too.

Throughout all the twists and turn, mishaps and fun, God seemed to be telling both Andy and Trish to simply wait. Wait. But wait for what? They found themselves in a place that we all find ourselves in at some time in our lives. And just like Andy and Trish it is a difficult thing to do because we often don’t know why He wants us to wait. Our inclination, just like Trish, is to push on and try to do things on our own, work out a solution instead of waiting on God. But if we can discipline ourselves to wait on Him, things turn out so much better.

I very much enjoyed this captivating story and gave it a rating of 5 stars out of 5. I thought the life lessons the characters learned were very relevant to everyone today and handled realistically.

Thank you to the author for providing a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. A positive opinion was not required. All thoughts are my own.

About the Author:

Amazon best-selling author Cathy Bryant writes Christian fiction set in the heart of Texas. Her popular romance and romantic suspense novels take place in the fictional town of Miller's Creek, where folks are friendly, the iced tea is sweet, and Mama Beth's front porch beckons. All the Miller's Creek novels have been on the Amazon Best-Seller list and are rated at 4.5 stars or higher on Amazon. Her debut novel, TEXAS ROADS, was a 2009 ACFW Genesis finalist. Since then five other stand-alone novels have been added to the series, one of which was a reader-nominated 2013 Grace Award nominee (PILGRIMAGE OF PROMISE). Readers have compared her work to that of Karen Kingsbury and Nicholas Sparks.

A native Texan, Cathy currently resides in the beautiful Sangre de Cristo mountains of northern New Mexico with her minister husband of over thirty years. She's written devotions for The Upper Room devotional magazine, two devotional books in collaboration with other Christian authors, and for online sites. She also has released a Bible study book, THE FRAGRANCE OF CRUSHED VIOLETS. In addition to her writing, she enjoys thrift store shopping, romping in the great outdoors, and mini-farming. To learn more about Cathy and her books, visit her website at www.CatBryant.com or make contact with her in these places:

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