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Book Review: Thankful For Today (Little Bear Book 1) by Roitman Trillo

Thankful For Today (Little Bear Book 1)
By Roitman Trillo
Publisher: Fun With A Message
Published: Nov. 9 2014

Amazon Synopsis:
Age Level: 0 - 5
Grade Level: Pre - K
Whether sunny, cloudy or rainy Little Bear is grateful and finds joy in every circumstance the day brings. Inspired by the prayers of a three year old, this beautifully illustrated story celebrates the little blessings in the life of a child. Published by Fun With A Message.

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 My Thoughts:

This is a beautiful little book where Little Bear is giving thanks in prayer for all the things during her day that she is thankful for. Even the negative things like rain turn out to be something she can be thankful for because then she can play in the mud and then have a lovely bubbly bath afterwards.

I loved the positive message this book had. It teaches us (children and parents) to look for the positive things in life rather than to look for the negative things. It’s easy to see everything from the negative side, but if we do that we can become negative.

Finding something to be thankful for even in things we might normally find negative is a good stretching experience and will help us develop a more positive attitude, which is much healthier.

I thought the pictures were very sweet in this short little book. The backgrounds to the pictures were pinkish or pastel in colour which led me to believe that Little Bear was a girl, which is why I referred to her as “her” in the first paragraph, though Little Bear could just as easily be a boy.

I would highly recommend this book to help promote positive attitudes in your young children. The book is suitable for children up to and including beginning readers. I gave it 5 out of 5 stars.

Thank you to the author for providing a copy of the book in exchange for a fair and honest review. A positive opinion was not required. All thoughts are my own.

About the Author:

Roitman Trillo, illustrator, author, and photographer who loves playing all day long with her toddler and illustrating children's books all nite!

Roitman Trillo's art is inspired by the beauty in nature and her love for children. Through her books she hopes to encourage children with positive life lessons.

She has worked as a graphic designer for over a decade and loves, loves illustrating children's books. After becoming a mother, she was inspired to write short stories for her daughter in teaching her to admire the beauty in nature.

She is the creative force behind Fun With A Message at

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  1. Nice post. The cover is very attractive and sounds like the story is good too.