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Book Review: The Strange Friend by Nadav Sham

The Strange Friend (Adventure and Friendship Children's Books Collection Book 2)
By Nadav Sham
Publisher: Nadav Sham
Published: Dec. 1, 2014

Amazon Synopsis:

All children love to play with their friends! And every now and then, a new friend comes along. The Strange Friend, a book for children (and their parents), explores how to make new friends and welcome newcomers. You have already met our good friends Brian the Bunny, Betty Bird, Sarah the Sheep, Ted the Turtle and Donna the Duck in The Missing Pillow. Now meet Gail the Giraffe and see how she fits in with the gang! The second in the series (Adventure and Friendship Children’s Books), this delightful, funny and moving tale of childhood adventures is written in descriptive verse with lively illustrations. The story will draw you in, providing wonderful opportunities for vocabulary development and discussion. This is the perfect book for reading together at any time of the day.

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My Thoughts:

When the other animals just stared at Gail as she tried to make friends with them, Gail thought perhaps she should try to be more like them. As she found out, that didn’t work either. The important lesson she learned was to be true to herself and just be who she was. Gail discovered there was something she could do that no one else in that group of friends could do, just because she was tall.

The other animals were a little shy of her because she was so much taller than the rest of them. It could have easily been some other physical attribute – skin colour, disability, a wheelchair, a different language. A Strange Friend is a great book to read with children as we think about heading back to school and meeting new friends in new classrooms.

Every child will feel a little shy about what the other children think about him/her. What they need to remember is just to be true to themselves and accept the other children for who they are because each of us is different.

I especially liked the rhyming style and meter of this story. It flowed very well. The pictures were fun to look at too. In the Kindle version that I had pictures alternated with pages of text. Occasionally a page of text would also have a smaller picture on it as well.

This book works well as a read-along for younger children. I liked the lessons in friendship and self-esteem. I gave this book 5 stars out of 5.

Thank you to the author for providing a copy of the book in exchange for a fair and honest review. A positive opinion was not required. All thoughts are my own.

About the Author:

Nadav Sham is a personal and business inspirational coach, keynote speaker and an expert in inspiring people to take action and live their dreams.

Nadav energizes young and adults to take on life challenges and do it with fun and excitement. 
Nadav's philosophy and writings are the result of more than five years of success research, based on his close association with leading businesses, organizations and entrepreneurs from all walks of life.
Nadav is an engineer by training, and holds an MBA in Organizational Behavior from Ben-Gurion University.

In his blog, books and seminars, Nadav brings fresh ideas that spark and ignite passion in others.
Nadav Sham's knowledge and experience are combined to bite-sized easy to follow insights, which can change your life for the better.
"I believe that you've got it in you, and wish you a great and exciting journey wherever you go."

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