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Book Review: Emma Learns to Sprout by Shir Guez

Emma Learns to Sprout
By Shir Guez 
Publisher: Shir Guez
Published: July 18, 2014


Ages 3-8
"Emma learns to sprout" is a lovely pictures book which describes in a simple and enjoyable way and with fantastic illustrations how Emma, a kindergartener, learns to sprout legumes with her mom. 

Sprouting is a great way to provide your children with more vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in a fun, quick, simple and cheap way! It doesn't require anything but basic dishes that are available in every kitchen. Sprouting makes favorite foods healthier, and the legumes' sprouts can be used raw in a salad or as a snack, and they also make a great alternative in any recipes that contain legumes. 

In addition to its enormous health benefits, sprouting makes a great parent-child activity. 

It's also good to know that sprouting makes legumes easier to digest. Therefore, it may help those who have a problem digesting legumes. 

* According to the USDA database, sprouted legumes contains dozens and even hundreds percentages more of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients per calorie than legumes that weren't sprouted.

It's a must for all children and parents, preschool teachers and nutritionists. This children's book gives unique and creative tools for dealing with the issue of healthy eating among young children, a matter that is relevant to every family. Not only does it makes kids understand the importance of eating well, but it also helps to deal with kids who refuse to eat well with a creative, unexpected solution that leaves both children and their parents surprised. 

This children's book is a great read for preschoolers.

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 My Thoughts:

Emma Learns to Sprout is a delightful book that will help young children learn to enjoy healthy eating by engaging them in the growth of the sprouts they can eat.

The instructions on how to sprout beans, lentils and seeds are easy to understand through the story and the excitement and anticipation that Emma feels is easy to see. I think that excitement will easily transfer to the young child that is reading this book with his or her parent.

By taking part in the activity, the child won’t really think about it as a healthy eating activity, just a fun one as he or she watches the sprouts begin to grow. Eating something they have grown is the reward.

I liked the pictures as well as they were bright and clear and simple. The entire message in this book is very simple, yet fun.

I highly recommend Emma Learns to Sprout for those parents who are interested in getting their children involved in healthy eating. I gave this book 5 stars out of 5.

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About the Author:

Shir Guez is an author of children's books and the editor in chief of a health website.
Her children's books deal with subjects like healthy eating, good nutrition and other healthy habits.
In her books, she helps parents get their kids to develop healthy eating habits. She does that in a fun way and with the help of playful explanations and colorful and fun illustrations while conveying the educational message. 

Her books describe to kids in a simple and enjoyable way how to maintain good nutrition with fascinating explanations and fun activities.

The purpose of these books is to implement good nutrition habits at a young age, without kids feeling like it is something they "have" to do, rather than something they want to do. 

Considering the valuable time of parents, the books' purpose is to help kids to adjust to healthy habits that are easy to keep up every day and don't require any special effort, and at the same time can be fun activities for both kids and parents (also possible for grandparents). 

Her children's books are aimed at kids ages 3-8 (preschoolersAfter a lifestyle changing, she is now determined to spread the word about the great effects of healthy living.

All of her children's books are dedicated to her nephews and nieces.
Shir also holds a double major in economics and accounting.

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