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Book Review: 35 Dog Training Mistakes by James Goodman

35 Dog Training Mistakes: Mistakes You Are Probably Doing and How to Avoid Them
By James Goodman
Publisher: James Goodman
Published: Feb. 12, 2015

Amazon Synopsis:

Does any of the following sound familiar to you?  
·         You feed your dog from the dinner table?
·         You hug your dog to show it love?
·         You walk your dog around the block a few times per day?
·         You are Reactive, not Proactive?
·         Sometimes your dog isn't listening to you?
·         Your dog only listens to you when you use treats?
·         You don't know how much you can expect from your dog?
·         You don't know the last time you have been to a veterinarian?
·         You are not sure how to react when your dog did something wrong?

If you answered one or more questions with "Yes", you should read on carefully... 
There are many mistakes owners do - mistakes you know (and don't want to admit), and the ones you didn't even think of! 
Mistakes that cause bad behavior and the ones that can even seriously harm your dog! 

The guide "35 Dog Training Mistakes" shows you the most common mistakes dog owners do. 

It is your responsibility to take care of your dog
James Goodman, a renowned dog expert, will safely guide you through the roots of the most common mistakes. 

"35 Dog Training Mistakes" also contains all essential information on how to avoid these mistakes to happen in the future. 

But what are the benefits? 
·         Force-free solutions
·         Short and Simple Descriptions
·         Immediate Results
·         Many Practical Tips
·         For Beginners and intermediate dog owners
·         The happiest dog on the block!

So what are you waiting for? 
Dive into the book now and learn everything you need to know. 
James Goodman takes you through every single step in this simple, easy to follow guide. 
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My Thoughts:

These 35 items on the author’s list are common things that dog owners often commonly do without realizing they are doing something that creates negative, unwanted behaviour in their four-legged friend. Then they don’t understand why their animal behaves that way. James Goodman’s book is an eye opener that helps dog owners understand how their own behaviour creates (or doesn’t) the desired behaviour in their pet.

I liked the straightforward explanations of what the dog training mistakes taught the owner’s pet instead of the intended behaviour the owner was trying to teach. At the end of each chapter was a “Long story short” summary that summed up what the chapter was saying in a sentence or two. I liked these summations because they boiled the main message down to the basic essence of why the owner should not continue with that error.

The only problem I had with these summations was that they weren’t always written as complete sentences so by the time the reader went from the title of the chapter toe the summation the exact wording of the training error was forgotten and the summation didn’t make sufficient sense. I would have preferred to see the “Long story short” written in a complete sentence so the entire context could be seen right there without having to flip back to the title of the chapter.

Though the titles of the chapters are written in a “negative” sense, all of the author’s methods of teaching the dogs are through reinforcement and praise. None come from punishment or negative reinforcement. I liked this because dogs seemed to be hard-wired to please people and they will do more for a little praise than anything else.

35 Training Mistakes is an easy book to follow and could be read by anyone from middle-grade (age9-12) or up and be able to implement the author’s suggestions. The author’s writing is clear and easy to understand.

Also included with the book is a downloadable free gift of 6 games and activities that you can play with your dog. These games and activities will keep your dog’s mind stimulated and give you a fun time playing with your dog.

I thought that the dog training mistakes included in this book were all very accurate according to other dog books I have read and from owning my own dogs. I liked the format of 35 Dog Training Mistakes. I would definitely recommend it to other dog owners. It’s a short book to read with a lot of helpful information. I gave it 5 stars out of 5.

Thank you to the author for providing a copy of the book in exchange for a fair and honest review. A positive opinion was not required. All thoughts are my own.

About the Author:

James L. Goodman is the author of well-known books as "Puppy Training Made Easy". After graduating from the College of Veterinary Medicine in Gainesville, Florida, James spent the last 10 years researching behavioral physiology of dogs. He and his wife Linda currently live in Oregon, owning four dogs and giving private training classes in dog training. James also supports local animal shelters in the Oregon region on a voluntary basis.

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