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Book Review: The Collin's Case (Heartfelt Cases Bk 1) by Julie Gilbert

The Collins Case (Heartfelt Cases Book 1)
by Julie Gilbert
Publisher: Julie Gilbert
Published: Oct. 31, 2012

Amazon Synopsis:

Working for the FBI certainly isn’t a “normal” job, but Special Agent Julie Ann Davidson has never encountered a case as personal as this one. Although not officially assigned to the case, Ann and her partner, Patrick Duncan, take up the cause of finding Rachel, Jason, and Emily Collins. As if that task wasn’t enough, Ann and Patrick also have a baffling case of internet thievery to investigate. 

Who is Christopher Collins and what about his past is endangering his family? Where are Rachel and the kids being held? Where is God in the midst of chaos? Will Ann and Patrick arrive in time or will they find only pain?

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My Thoughts:

Special Agent Julie Ann Davidson unofficially takes part in the case of her kidnapped friend Rachel Collins and her two children while also being assigned her own case with her partner Special Agent Patrick Duncan. They are looking for some thieves who are using the Internet to take small amounts of money from people's accounts adding up to millions of dollars.

At the same time as Rachel and her two children are kidnapped, her husband Chris disappeared and their house explodeed. Then all the money in their bank account is removed.

Fortunately for us as the readers, we get to follow the action from the point of view of not only the agents, but Chris and Rachel Collins.

I liked the fast pace of The Collin's Case. The story flowed well and was easy to follow. Changes in location and viewpoint were clearly marked.

I thought the characters were fairly well developed. It was obvious that Ann and Patrick knew each other well as FBI partners as Patrick brought her the newspaper article about her friend's home exploding and they communicated with each other with facial expressions - "She handed Patrick his gun and gave him a look that said: Ill explain everything later."

There were lots of twists and turns in The Collin's Case, a few bringing great heartbreak and others happiness. The twists and turns in the plot gave a sense of reality to the story.

One thing I noted that seemed out of place to me was how fast Ann and Patrick became engaged. They went from no relationship other than their FBI partnership, directly to being engaged. That's a whirlwind romance for sure!

I loved how this novel showed God at work in the lives of the people in the story. It didn't make everything always turn out right for people because that's not the way real life is. Bad things happen in our world but even through the pain "there is hope because God's love is perfect."

I greatly enjoyed The Collin's Case. If you enjoy novels of suspense, then I would recommend this book to you. I gave it 5 stars out of 5.

Thank you to the author for providing a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. A positive opinion was not required. All thoughts are my own.

About the Author:

Julie writes, reads, reviews, plays video games, and teaches chemistry. She’s mildly disturbed by the fact that 10 words can sum up her life. Her stories have fallen into many categories, including Christian, science fiction, YA, and fantasy (not all at the same time!). She enjoys detailed letters, snail mail style, as well as emails but cannot quite grasp this texting thing.

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