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Dragon Wife Blog Tour with Diana Green

Dragon Wife (Dragon Clan Book 1)
by Diana Green
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Published: Aug. 11, 2014

Amazon Synopsis:

The clan is waking. After centuries of spellbound sleep, dragon-shifters are returning to the mountains. They are few in number, and the outside world has become overrun with humans.

Huroth, the dragon chieftain, recognizes a need for his kind to adapt, by forming alliances and mate-bonds with humans, but his clan is divided. From the first time she meets him, Lady Orwenna is drawn to the magnificent chieftain. The mind link he forms with her is both fascinating and frightening, as is the powerful attraction she feels for him. If only she knew what was in his heart.

Does he want her for the woman she is, or for her magical abilities? When war breaks out between kingdoms and ancient enemies of the dragons resurface, the clan will be tested. In the midst of uncertainty, can Huroth and Orwenna find their way together? 

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The gathering grew quiet as sounds of boot heels on stone echoed from the entryway. A man strode in alone, though to call him a man seemed less than sufficient. There was such raw power about him, such majesty in his bearing. No one could mistake his identity. This was the black dragon, shifted to man-like form, just as legend described. Orwenna felt the hairs stand up on the back of her neck.
“I am Huroth, son of Huren,” he announced, his voice rich and deep. He faced the king, down the long silent hall. “I am chieftain of the dragons who dwell in the Drake’s Teeth Mountains. We offer an alliance to the kingdom of Rhelaun. How do you answer?”
“You are most welcome, honored guest.” The King bowed as he spoke then beckoned the chieftain. “Please, come and talk with me, so we can decide how this alliance should be arranged.”
As Huroth advanced towards the throne, he made an impressive picture. He was tall and broad shouldered, wearing dark leather armor and a heavy fur-lined cloak. His hair tumbled in a thick black mane, his eyes the pale blue of glacier ice. They swept over the courtiers, coolly assessing.
When those eyes came to rest on Orwenna, she felt time slow. Everyone else, all her surroundings, faded to nothing.
And who might you be?
She heard the words in her head, as surely as if he’d spoken aloud. Without consciously choosing, she responded in kind.
His eyes widened in surprise, and he paused mid-step. Apparently, he had not expected her to hear his musing nor be able to answer.
There is an aura of magic about you. He sent the thought, his gaze on her as sharp as a hawk’s.
That’s from my mother. She didn’t know how she spoke directly into his mind. It made her a little dizzy, like too much wine.
Who is your mother?
Sister to the king and the mage, Vardis.
I see.

He considered a moment, before nodding respectfully to her and continuing down the hall. Those nearby gave Orwenna odd looks, and she realized how strange her encounter with Huroth must have seemed. To everyone else, they would have appeared to be simply standing, watching one another without speaking.

How long had it been…one minute…five? She couldn’t guess. All she knew was that it changed her. Reality had shifted and would never be quite the same again. Dragons lived, breathed, and walked upon the land like lords of men. She had spoken mind to mind with one, his fierce eyes locked on hers. It was not an experience she would soon forget.


My Thoughts:

Dragon Wife is a fantasy novel about Huroth's clan of dragons making an alliance with a small kingdom of people in exchange for the king's daughter to become the wife of Huroth's son.

At this time in history a few people were able to perform magic. Most kept quiet about it because others called it witchcraft and were very uncomfortable with it. One of those able to do small bits of magic was Orwenna, the king's niece. She mind-spoke with Huroth when he arrived in her kingdom to make the alliance with the king when she was only eleven and both she and Huroth were surprised and pleased by the encounter. Orwenna hoped to meet him again

Later, as an adult, Orwenna's father announced that he had chosen a husband for her, a man she found dull, who did not seem to care for her. She wanted adventure, so she did something about it. This was a fortunate twist of events for her kingdom too, as otherwise it would have been destroyed.

The variety of events included in this story was diverse and interesting. The author kept the story moving along at a steady pace holding the reader's attention. I couldn't put this book down until I finished it. It's a good thing I started early in the morning or I wouldn't have gone to sleep that night!

Dragon Wife was an interesting look at dragon mythology and how they might have lived and interacted with one another as well as humans. It was a lovely story of romance set on a background of war. There was plenty of action in this novel and I found it very entertaining.

I did find that there were some scenes that were a little more risqué than I am comfortable with. I prefer bedroom scenes should be kept in the bedroom with the door closed. There is swearing in this novel as well that may offend some readers.

I would highly recommend Dragon Wife. It is an amazing story that will captivate your imagination. I gave it 5 stars out of 5.

Thank you to the publishers for providing a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. A positive opinion was not required. All thoughts are my own.

About the Author:

Since her childhood, growing up in New Zealand, Diana has been an avid storyteller. For years she enjoyed teaching art and special education, while continuing to write as a hobby. After she developed chronic fatigue syndrome, a career change was necessary, but happily this led her to become a professional author.

Diana’s books are mostly paranormal romance, in the fantasy and science fiction sub-genres. She has been a finalist for the CRW Award of Excellence and the Aspen Gold Published Novel Contest. At present, she lives in beautiful Washington State, where she writes for the Wild Rose Press.

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  1. Is this going to be a series? I really loved this excerpt. I hope there will be more.

    1. This was book one so there will certainly be one to follow. I don't know how many in the series.

  2. I'm excited to hear there will be more. I'm really interested in this book. Thanks for the excerpt and review!

  3. Enjoyed reading that great review today.