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Book Review: The Sliammon Escudo by Geoffey Tigg

The Sliammon Escudo
by Geoffrey Tigg
Publisher: Rushing Tide Media
Published: Apr. 25, 2014

Amazon Synopsis:

The Sliammon Escudo is a compelling adventure, mystery, and romance set in Victoria, British Columbia, and the West Coast of Canada. 

The story follows the emotional journey of Dillon, a First Nations young adult, who experiences his first true love and discovers his secret heritage through a diary written by his grandfather. The diary contains revelations known only to his mother and grandmother- until now. 

The Sliammon Escudo twists and turns as Dillon follows entries in the diary to learn the truth of his family heritage and a mystery long concealed from him as a child. Dillon is ultimately burdened with a decision that could either or harm or help his family and community. 

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My Thoughts:

Dillon Point is 19 years old and heading off to The University of Victoria. He's leaving his community of the Sliammon People. His grandfather was a Caucasian anthropologist who was studying the Sliammon Tribe and their way of life in the 1970s. He had written the diary about the woman that he fell in love with that lived in the Village. After getting her pregnant however, he did not stay in the community as she was already betrothed to someone else and felt that the child should be raised as a part of the Sliammon tribe so he left her the diary and left the community. Now it was Dillon's opportunity to find out about his personal history and hopefully to connect with his grandfather.

The Sliammon Escudo takes place along the British Columbia coastline up around Prince Rupert and area. The settings made a beautiful backdrop to the story.

In the journal, Dillon's grandfather also tells of the Spanish coins he finds. He and his lover collect them and hide them with only generic clues in the journal. It's up to Dillon and his girlfriend to find them before anyone else does. Dillon realizes how much danger they are in when there rooms are ransacked and tiny cameras are found recording their every move.

Note: There are some sexual scenes in this book that take this book out of the clean romance genre.

The ebb and flow of suspense in this story is well done.The story grabs your interest from the beginning and carries you through right until the end.

I liked that Dillon and his girlfriend's relationship though it started out with lust moved towards love through their shared experiences. I also appreciated that there was no prejudice towards him from anyone because he is of First Nations heritage.

I enjoyed The Sliammon Escudo. It was a satisfying read in the romantic suspense genre. I gave it four out of five stars.

Thank you to the author for providing a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. A positive opinion was not required all thoughts or my own.

About the Author:

Geoffrey loves telling stories as his father had, and the creative seed that had been sown in his teenage years has been rejuvenated through his passionate emotional works on film, canvas, and on paper. His stories have been inspired by characters, events and places that have touched his life in some impressionable way.

His technical training as a engineer, accountant, logistician, and business consultant, is applied in his highly developed integrated story lines that twist and turn as the characters react to unforeseen events.

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