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Antique Forgery Blog Tour with Eileen Harris

Antique Forgery
by Eileen Harris
Publisher: Wings ePress
Published: August 18, 2012


This second book in the series takes the reader further into the life of Alicia Trent and her friends. Magic, forgery, betrayal, and fabulous jewels surround Alicia as she struggles to find the reason for her friend's death.

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 My Thoughts:

Arthur and Janice Darnell were as close to family as Alicia Trent had and when Janice's estranged sister left her estate to Janice, Alicia was the first person she called to evaluate the antique jewellery. Antique Forgery is the second book in this series. On Alicia'a last business trip (to her home town) she had acquired what she called the future clock that told her what was going to happen on a specific day sometime in the future if she chose to listen to it. Only by listening to it could she listen to the next one. What she heard for the period of this business trip made Ali apprehensive about taking on this particular job even though she knew that she could not change events whether she was there or not. In the end, Alicia chose to go and help her long-time friends with their collection.

Nothing about this job went smoothly. Right from the beginning there were problems. The lawyers had given the key to the jewellery room, but nobody knew that a safe door with a combination lock had been installed and of course no one knew the combination. This kind of combination lock was like a bank safe, not crackable by your ordinary locksmith.

There were all kinds of twists and turns in this story leading it into a multiple murder investigation and artwork forgery. The question was, "Who was the killer - someone inside the house, or an outsider?"

I enjoyed the return of Nick, Ali's long distance boyfriend from New York, who happened to know the lead detective on the case. The romance in this novel was clean with sex only implied in one scene. The language was fairly clean as well with only a few of the milder swear words throughout the book.

I enjoyed getting to know Ali better as she displayed her loyalty to her friend Kendra through her tenacity in investigating Kendra's murder. Ali kept placing herself in harms way by doing her investigating and I'm sure made the police wonder a few times if she were the guilty party.

The story (except for the future clock) was believable and the characters seemed real enough. I very much enjoyed Antique Forgery and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys mysteries. I gave this novel 4 stars out of 5.

Thank you to the publishers for providing a copy of the book in exchange for a fair and honest review. A positive opinion was not required. All thoughts are my own.

About the Author:

From living off the grid in the Arizona desert, Eileen has moved to the woods of upstate New York. She has authored a standalone adventure novel called Desert Shadow. She is also the author of Alicia Trent Series. The Black Cane : Dowager Diaries Book 1 is her latest release.

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