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Book Review: Exodus From Egypt by Anat Umansky

Exodus From Egypt
By Anat Umansky
Publisher: Anat Umansky
Published: June 9, 2014

Amazon Synopsis:

Age Level: 6 - 12 | Grade Level: 1 – 7

Children love great stories.

Bible's Stories have all the precise components to be great and are one of the primary ways they learn about the ancient world and themselves. 

The Story of Exodus is a marvelous one. It contains social issues like freedom, Faiths, Beliefs, miracles and hope. It is a story of a small baby who should be thrown to the Nile river and die, yet succeeded to become a great leader. 

Although the world is so much different today from the way it was two-three thousand years ago, the people are pretty much the same. 

"Throughout history, people have been born, lived, and died. We love and rejoice; we sin and grieve. We have so much in common with the people in the Bible. Use those commonalities to get kids into the Bible. Show them that the people in the Bible are just like them"

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My Thoughts:

Exodus From Egypt follows the events in the Bible of Moses as they are laid out there from his birth, through his growing up years and as he leads the people out of Egypt. All of the events that happened in the Bible are accurately laid out in the book including the burning bush and the ten plagues.

Scripture is quoted as proof that the Bible story is being followed accurately. The passages are mentioned so that children can look them up in the Bible for themselves. The only difficulty that children might have with the Scriptural text is that the passages are written in “King James” text which might be difficult for them to understand without an adult reading with them.

There is a beautifully coloured picture on each page of the story to go along with the text. Usually in stories that talk about Moses a lot of time is spent on the plagues, but in this version, only one page is spent on them. However, the reader learns why the Jews celebrate Passover and why matzoh is one of their traditional foods at that time.

The author offers a free audio copy of this book when you reach the end of the book. When I got there and entered my name and email, instead of getting a copy of Exodus to Egypt, I received a different one of the author’s books. Also at the beginning of the book she offers a gift to the parents of material on “Reading a Biblical Story”. The link I received in the email was dead.

I found Exodus From Egypt to be Biblically accurate and well written. It was grammatically correct and well-translated from Hebrew into English. I think children and parents will enjoy this book. I gave it 5 stars.

Thank you to the author for providing a copy of the book in exchange for a fair and honest review. A positive opinion was not required. All thoughts are my own.

About the Author:

Anat Umansky, was born in 1962, Tel Aviv, Israel.

She is a professional writer, very popular children's author in Israel.

During the last 20 years she published over 100 children's books titles,(hard cover-in Hebrew)and sold hundreds of thousands copies of children's books, concerning different subjects, touching many aspects of children's life.

Anat loves to teach kids basic skills, through stories. She believes that a good story is the best way to communicate with children.

Anat likes to write children's stories about emotions. Her stories are motivating the kids, inspiring them, make them think...For years, Anat had been watching how (her young readers, and the kids who listened to her stories) developed, grew, matured, learned to deal with emotions, solved problems and overcome obstacles.

She does it by using fascinating stories, adventures, and wisdom of life. She never forgets to use humor, hope and faith; Anat really believes that these three notions are the fundamental stones for creating healthy, happy and strong kids - body and soul. That’s how Anat's stories turned to be classic children’s books.

And yes, Anat always takes into consideration the adult, who shares the stories with the kids, either by choosing the book, by reading the stories, or just by being there watching the child.

Dear adults,watch Anat's stories carefully,there will be always a massage for you too.
Nowdays, Anat Umansky's best stories are brought to the English readers with great love. Hopefully you will like and enjoy them.

Anat Umansky is always happy to get your reviews,answer your questions or simply talk to you. Please,feel free, to contact the author

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