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Book Review: How Do Babies Come into This World by Anat Umansky

How Do Babies Come into the World
By Anat Umansky
Publisher: Anat Umansky
Published: May 4, 2014

Amazon Synopsis:

Family life, Growing up and Facts of life! 

***Free Audio Book Inside*** 

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What will you answer If your child will ask you: 
"How do babies come into this world?" 
or, "How babies are made?" 
or,"how babies are born?" 

This children's book for kindle is a book that both you and your child will love it! 
This books is about New Babies, and it will give your child a very good answer through a beautiful story... 

This Gorgeous children's book for kindle, designed for the category of preschool books, but is also suitable for beginner readers 

"children's books must be charming " 
This charming picture book will cause you to think and will give you tools to answer your children's most difficult question: How do new babies come into this world? 

"Kids books, and mostly picture books, must include gorgeous illustrations" 
You will love the illustrations by Eyvgeni lagutin, they are simple, full of humor and professionals. 

"books for kids should teach something" 
Well, this book will teach your kids a lot: First, the kids disprove one by one all the "tales" about the stork that brings babies to this world, or the babies who grow inside a flower or inside a cabbage... 
Then, Lior learns from Orly how a plant grows from a seed. 
He also realizes that if he plants the seed of a fish, it will not grow into a fish bush... 
Why? Because the way fish reproduce is a bit different than plants… 
Ducks also reproduce a little differently... 
And with the mother cat, it is a totally different story 
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My Thoughts:

How Do Babies Come into this World is also known as How Babies are Born?  The change in title is simply due to a different edition.

This is a wonderful book to bring out when your child asks the inevitable question “Where do babies come from?” Many parents have a difficult time answering this question because they don’t know how much information to give the child.

Lior and Orly and two children who are playing together when they start chatting about how babies come into the world. They talk about the different things that they have heard. They don’t really believe these could be the real way it happens but there is no one around to tell them how it really happens. Then the book they have with them speaks up and offers to tell them.

I love this book because it explains some of the myths we have used to explain to children over the many years such as the stork brings them, they grow in the cabbage patch or they grow out of flowers. Then in simple words it explains the different ways that different animals bring their babies into the world, and lastly how moms and dads bring babies into the world.

There is no information that will cause anyone to blush in this book, but the information is complete enough that it will satisfy young curious minds. Correct vocabulary is used such as egg, sperm and womb.

This is a great story to read to your children or for beginning readers to read for themselves with some help for the larger vocabulary words like incubating, fertilize, and pregnancy.

The illustrations in How Do Babies Come into this World are bright and boldly coloured. They are humorous and interesting. The only one I had a little trouble with was the one with the cat sperm and eggs. It looked like they were underground as Lior, Orly and the Book were pictured sitting/standing just above them.

The best thing of all is that this book comes with a free audio version of the book that you can request on-line after you read the book. This will allow your child to listen to the book over and over again with or without you reading it to them. Following along with the audio version will also help them learn to recognize words as beginning readers.

I attempted to download the audio version of this book. When I clicked on the link it sent me an email in which was supposed to be the link to get the book. However, there was no working link in the email. My attempts to contact the author regarding this issue were not resolved before this review was published.

I think How Do Babies Come into this World is an excellent choice for families and schools who want a book to help them explain some of the facts of life to younger children. I would highly recommend it! I gave it 5 stars out of 5!

Thank you to the author for providing a copy of the book in exchange for a fair and honest review. A positive opinion was not required. All thoughts are my own.

About the Author:

Anat Umansky, was born in 1962, Tel Aviv, Israel.

She is a professional writer, very popular children's author in Israel.

During the last 20 years she published over 100 children's books titles,(hard cover-in Hebrew)and sold hundreds of thousands copies of children's books, concerning different subjects, touching many aspects of children's life.

Anat loves to teach kids basic skills, through stories. She believes that a good story is the best way to communicate with children.

Anat likes to write children's stories about emotions. Her stories are motivating the kids, inspiring them, make them think...For years, Anat had been watching how (her young readers, and the kids who listened to her stories) developed, grew, matured, learned to deal with emotions, solved problems and overcome obstacles.

She does it by using fascinating stories, adventures, and wisdom of life. She never forgets to use humor, hope and faith; Anat really believes that these three notions are the fundamental stones for creating healthy, happy and strong kids - body and soul. That’s how Anat's stories turned to be classic children’s books.

And yes, Anat always takes into consideration the adult, who shares the stories with the kids, either by choosing the book, by reading the stories, or just by being there watching the child.
Dear adults,watch Anat's stories carefully,there will be always a massage for you too.
Nowdays, Anat Umansky's best stories are brought to the English readers with great love. Hopefully you will like and enjoy them.

Anat Umansky is always happy to get your reviews,answer your questions or simply talk to you. Please,feel free, to contact the author

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