Friday, August 8, 2014

Book Review: Coop by Elle Bee

By Elle Bee
Publisher: Elle Bee
Published: Jan. 8, 2014

Amazon Synopsis:

Who was Coop before he was The Hitchhiker? Was he always confident that his ability was a gift? When did he let his parents in on the secret? How did they respond? 

Before Coop became The Hitchhiker, he was a normal boy, with a dark secret. He carried the weight of a curse with him constantly. Whenever someone touched him, their thoughts and emotions flooded his mind. The fear of being thought of as crazy by ones own parents can be traumatizing! However, God had something great in store for this young man. Not a curse, but a gift.. 

This short story covers two different instances. It goes back in time, to eight year old Coop, before his parents knew about his mind reading ability. As well as simultaneously showing him as an adult and confront his parents about using his gift for God's kingdom. 

The tale shows Coop change from thinking of his ability as a curse to being ready to see how God will use it for good. It is a short glimpse at Coop before he became The Hitchhiker.

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My Thoughts:

Coop is a short two chapter prequel to the book Hitchhiker. Coop is a young man who as a child discovered he had the ability to tell what an individual was thinking and feeling when he came into physical contact with them.

This short little book was very interesting. Imagine how scary that must have been for an eight year old child! Imagine thinking you're cursed and being afraid to say anything about it.

I liked that this book taught that it is better to be truthful about yourself than to hide who you really are. I also liked that it showed us that the way we are is the way God made us, and He did it for a purpose.

I thought Coop was a bit short and the story could have been expanded on a little so that we would discover with Coop how he found out about his ability. It seemed from this short writing that he hadn't had it his whole life, but it was a development somewhat recently acquired.

I think that Coop introduction into Hitchhiker, the book that follows. I look forward to reading it. I gave Coop 3 stars out of 5.

Thank you to the author who provided a copy do this short story in exchange for a fair and honest review. A positive opinion was not required. All thoughts are my own.

About the Author:

Elle Bee was born in San Antonio, Texas. At a young age she discovered her talent for writing and knew, one day, it would be her career. Soon, however, that desire was pushed aside as she entered high school, graduated, and moved on.

No matter where Elle Bee lived, everything transformed into a story before her eyes. Simple nights working at the coffee shop could easily be turned into grand adventures. As well as a day working in the yard with children, and other “mundane” tasks. She was never without a good story.

In 2011, Elle Bee finally buckled down and started typing out and saving her stories. Although, It wasn’t until she took a trip across the world that God gave her the courage to share her writing with others.

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