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Audio Book Review: March of the Ants by Anna-Christina

March of the Ants
By Anna-Christina
Composed by Anna-Christina
Produced by Anna-Christina/Adie Hardy


The smallest ant in the anthill named Sid. There’s not much that he can do because he is so tiny. One day he ventures out into the world when disaster strikes! The entire army of ants are in danger. They need to find a place to hide, but everyone is too big to get into the hole to push the 
rock out of the way. Everyone…. But Sid.

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My Thoughts:

In 2012, Anna-Christina and Adie Hardy set up Busy Bees Publishing. March of the Ants was their first audio story. Nowhere else on the internet could they find anyone combining original classical music with original children’s stories and sound effects. Thus, they invented their own genre and “Music Audio Stories” was born.

March of the Ants is a delightful audio story for young children (really, for children up to the age of 99). The music is upbeat and beautifully matches the story. The volume of the music is perfect for the volume of the narrator of the story, being neither too loud nor too soft. I loved the narrator’s expression in her story telling. I had my 18-year-old daughter listen to the March of the Ants with me as she still loves to listen to audio stories. The first comment out of her mouth was, “It’s like a movie without the pictures!” I thought that was a perfect description.

The story is entertaining, imaginative and fun. As a parent, it is a story that I would be able to listen to several times without it driving me crazy. That’s important because when your child loves a song or story s/he wants to hear it over and over (hundreds of times). Slightly older children will have fun drawing pictures to go along with the story. There is much the imaginative parent can do with the story to stimulate the imagination and creativity of the child with this one audio story.

These stories are perfect to use in the car, or when you want the kids to settle down and be quiet for a few minutes. They are perfect for children with visual or other disabilities (no pictures or page turning to get in the way of enjoying the story). The stories are different from other audio stories in that the music continues throughout the narration and is part of the story. Sound effects are included with the story-telling. Different voices are used for the speakers and the narrator.

And if that isn’t enough, March of the Ants is free on the Music Audio Stories website. If you try it, I’m sure your children will love it. I gave this story 5 stars out of 5. I highly recommend it to anyone with children.

Thank you to the author for allowing me to review her audio story. All thoughts are my own.


Busy Bees Publishing

Adie Hardy and Anna-Christina are a powerhouse composing duo based in London. 
Together, they set up and run Busy Bees Publishing producing original, fun and inspiring children’s audio books. Whilst working on their first audio story March of The Ants, they searched online for other audio stories similar to theirs, yet could find nobody combining original classical music with original children's stories and sound effects. They decided to invent their own genre and call their creations "Music Audio Stories".


These interactive audio books are fantastic fun. Not only do they encourage children to be part of the story through drawing, song and dance, they inspire them to act out the scenes and be part of the magical journey. They are also educational and wonderful for children with impaired vision or vision disabilities.

Our unique stories help your children stimulate their productive senses and imagination. This is what we guarantee. They are great for school use and homeschooling and make those long car journeys fly by. What's more, our Music Audio Stories are affordable. Our feedback has shown that children love to hear the stories over and over again as they discover new things each time they listen. Visit our website for a free download and to find all of our stories here: 
Music Audio Stories
We look forward to entertaining and making learning easy and fun for your children. 

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