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Book Review: Escape by C.H. Little

By C.H. Little
Publisher: C.H. Little
Published: Dec. 26, 2013

Amazon Synopsis:

Ever wanted to just...start again? 

Desperate for a fresh start when her relationship ends, Penny Morgan moves to the peaceful island of Menorca for a year, but struggles to forget the past and move on. When she meets Anna and Grant Morgan, a glamorous couple holidaying nearby, she leaps at the chance of an evening out. The mysterious couple seem to offer genuine friendship and an escape from the loneliness she has
 been battling against, but as time goes by she discovers things are not always what they seem. 

As things begin to unravel, Penny struggles to regain control and wonders if it's too late for her to escape. 

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My Thoughts:

Penny Morgan runs away from her life when her long term relationship with her boyfriend ends. She is having difficulty leaving the past behind and moving on. Dejected and having difficulty making new friends she jumps at the chance to spend an evening out with a gregarious and friendly couple who approach her. After having a lovely evening with them, she readily accepts their genuine friendliness and invitation for a day of sailing on their yacht.

While Escape is a short novelette, the tale it tells is quite complete. The main character is fairly well-developed. While we don’t know much about Grant and Anna Morgan, the couple that befriend her, through their actions in the story we learn enough about them to understand the kind of people they are and what they are involved in.

The beginning of the story is much more leisurely paced than the latter part of the story where the pace and the suspense ramp up several notches. I thought the author did a very respectable job creating a thriller in such a short debut work.

The ending is dark and perhaps leaves an opening for a sequel. We’ll just have to wait and see what Ms. Little’s next book is about.

I enjoyed this book and would definitely read more of her books. I gave Escape 3 stars out of 5.

Thank you to the author for providing a copy of the book in exchange for a fair and honest review. A positive opinion was not required. All thoughts are my own.

About the Author:

C. H. Little was born in Durham, England, but moved with her family at the age of seven to St Helens in the North West of England. Her parents were both teachers, and she grew up in a world surrounded by books. At school she developed a passion for writing and her favourite lesson was English Literature. She attended Hull University from 1994-1997, where she studied a Joint degree in English Literature and Drama. In 1999 she trained as a teacher at Liverpool University and qualified as a high school teacher in 2001. She has been teaching English at a girls' high school in Manchester for the last eleven years, but loves to write in her spare time. In 2001 she met her husband Marc through some friends, and they went on to marry in 2006. They now live in Warrington in the North West of England with their two children, Daniel and Amy.

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