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Guest Post: TOP Ten REASONS Why You Should Stop Reading by Rajdeep Paulus

Shelf Full of Books is pleased to have author Rajdeep Paulus here today to provide a quirky point of view of why we should stop reading. She'll have you chuckling, and looking for another book to read. Why not check out her book Swimming Through the Clouds, or her newest release, Seeing Through Stones. coming available March 1st.

TOP Ten REASONS Why You Should Stop Reading

  1. Time. You could spend it doing other things. Like cleaning your room. Searching the inside of the dryer for those socks that mysteriously disappear. Or for those of us trapped in the Polar Vortex, there’s a shovel calling your name.
  2. Money. You could spend it on other things. Like chocolate. Or another pair of heels. Or you could save it! That’s so “what my momma used to tell me,” though.
  3. Space. I mean, how much space do you have in your world for another book? I think the creators of E-readers knew our shelves were bursting at the seams. And how ‘bout the space in your heart for one more love story? I don’t know about you, but I love falling in love. Ova. And Ova. And ova again! Fictionally-speaking.
  4. Your eyesight. Do you ever find your eyes squinting more and more as you read more books? Well, my eyesight actually got better recently and when the doctor asked me if I stopped reading, I said, “Umm… yeah…”  When I’m sleeping. So I can dream.
  5. Movies. I mean, just wait it out, right. They’ll eventually turn every book into a cinema wanna-be of the detailed world you got lost in, never missing that one tiny moment that lingered with you for days. And they ALWAYS pick the perfect Hollywood Hawtie to play your fictional hero. Oh, and movies are cheaper, and you won’t chance staining any pages with buttery popcorn while snuggled back in stadium-sized theater seats.
  6. Libraries. I mean, we wouldn’t want to stop going in to the place that celebrates books better than any other place on earth. And I love my local librarians like my own family. And don’t worry, even if you’re 507th  on the waiting list for that one book you must read next, you can always fill your days with …ummm… thinking. Give me a minute… Still thinking…
  7. Mental health. I mean, how many times have you, in the last twenty-four hours, ventured off to a fictional world while staring into the eyes of your very real and present life. I call it multi-tasking at it’s best, so long as you don’t go Walter Mitty-ing it off the edge of your roof turned parachute plane. Just sayin…
  8. Emotional stability. I mean, who needs to walk into the grocery store with smeared mascara from tears shed over a book. I mean, it’s just a story, after all. Or is it?
  9. Love. And your love life. I mean, how many times have you been in the middle of a fight with your boyfriend or spouse and gotten “this close” to screaming back, “You know, if you were just a little more like ___________ ß [fill in blank with your fictional crush,] I wouldn’t be so mad at you!” or come “this close” to handing him the book opened to the part when “he” steals your heart, and said, “This. This is what I need!”
  10. Change. Rarely do we embrace change with open arms. And change means we have to look at things differently, think about the world we see in a new way, and consider acting on what has changed us, else risk returning to our old ways. Because I’m convinced, more than ever, that books change you. From the inside out.

Sincerely aware that great stories change lives,


Swimming Through the Clouds
by Rajdeep Paulus
Publisher: Playlist Fiction
Published: Jan. 13, 2014
ASIN: B00D0V236K

Amazon Synopsis:

"I live in the in between. Between what if and what is. It’s how I manage. It’s the only way I know. Everyone has their way. This is mine." 

When high school cell phone disruption forces a classroom ban, the words on a Post-it note spark a sticky romance between two unlikely friends. Transfer student Talia Vanderbilt has one goal at her new school: to blend in with the walls. Lagan Desai, basketball captain and mathlete, would do just about anything to befriend the new girl. One Post-it note at a time, Lagan persuades Talia to peel back her heart, slowly revealing her treasure chest of pain—an absent mother, a bedridden brother, and an abusive father. In a world where hurt is inevitable, the two teens search for a safe place to weather the storms of life. Together. 

Semi-Finalist Genesis Contest (YA Fiction) 
Finalist (2nd Place) NORWA (YA Fiction) 
Finalist Women of Faith Full Manuscript 
Finalist Wisconsin RWA Honorable Mention (YA Fiction) 

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About the Author:

Rajdeep Paulus is the author of Swimming Through Clouds, is mommy to four princesses, wife of Sunshine, a coffee-addict and a chocoholic. As of this June 2013, she’s a Tough Mudder. To find out more, visit her website or connect with her via Facebook  TwitterPinterest, or Instagram .


  1. Dang, I like this. How do I get an interview?

    1. You can contact me through the contact page on this blog, or if you want to get an interview with Rajdeep you can contact her through any of her social links.