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Book Review: Unleashed (The Elements Trilogy) Book 3 by Melissa Pearl

Unleashed (The Elements Trilogy)
By Melissa Pearl
Publisher: Melissa Pearl
Published: Aug. 5, 2013

Amazon Synopsis:

The prophecy has failed. As Athra lies in the dungeons of Taramon with his defeated army, this is all he can believe. His city has been torn apart. He has failed his people and all that awaits him is an agonising death. 

But the light has been found. 

Ashan and his dark army proceed in gloating triumph. Safeer heads to Mezrah with Taramon's women and children, while the rest of his men remain in the northern city, forcing their prisoners to 
tear it down stone by stone. 

But two sparks have been ignited. 

Kyla and Jethro learn of Taramon's demise and, with the children, formulate a plan to rescue their people and bring an end to the overpowering darkness. It will take all their strength and every 
ounce of faith they possess... 

But a furious light is about to be unleashed. 

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My Thoughts:

Unleashed is the final installment of The Elements Trilogy. If you haven’t read the first two books, Unknown and Unseen I recommend that you do. If you would like to read my reviews of these two books, you can read them here: Unknown and Unseen.

All four of the element children have now been found and they have also located the orb or Oron seekers need to begin sharing the light of Oron. Only by sharing the light can they defeat the darkness pf the evil Ashan and his dark army. Though Taramon is further away than Mezrah, they decide to head there first as Taramon will welcome the light and it will strengthen them to defend themselves.

Jethro and Kyla know that once they return, even though they are desperately in love with one another, they can never be together because she is betrothed to Athra and they work hard at keeping themselves apart.

Little do they know that Taramon has been taken over by Safeer and the people have been enslaved. The women and children have been removed to Mezrah and the men have been set to work to demolish their own city.

I liked Kyla’s strong personality that enabled her to be independent, courageous, strong-willed, and sometimes got herself into a little bit of trouble. She didn’t want to be in a position of leadership, yet sometimes she found herself there. When she was, she fulfilled the position well.

I liked that the author chose to include the allies that the seekers met along the way. It added some fun to the story too. Flynt was particularly endearing. It made me sad when he had to return to Vulcan Peak, and extremely happy when he and Kyla were reunited, just the same as when I pick my pet up after a period of separation. I guess it doesn’t matter what the species is!

I enjoyed the pace of Unleashed. It was fast and full of action. Ms. Pearl did an excellent job of portraying Ashan’s army or underlings as evil. There was nothing to like about them at all. I thought the parallels between Ashan and the Devil and God and Oron were well done.

Unleashed was a wonderful follow-up to Unknown and Unseen. I would highly recommend this trilogy to anyone who enjoys fantasy. Unleashed deserves 5 stars out of 5!

Thank you to the author, Melissa Pearl, who provided a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. A positive opinion was not required. All thoughts are my own.

About the Author:

Melissa Pearl was born in Auckland, New Zealand. She has lived in a number of different countries including Jordan, Cyprus and Pakistan. She also did a nine month road trip around North America. Presently she lives in China with her husband and two sons. 

Melissa has a teaching degree and taught full time but chose to be a full time mom. Over the past ten years she has been honing her craft and now has eight published novels.

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