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Book Review: Then the Moonstone Sang by April Delphinium

Then The Moonstone Sang
By April Delphinium
Published by: April Delphinium
Published: Sept. 28, 2013

Amazon Synopsis:

Deep in foothills of the Seward Mountains, tavern waitress Celeste lives with a mysterious past. When a traveler comes through town with a clue, she embarks on a dangerous journey to the capital city of Cascedion in search of her birth parents. On her adventure fires and earthquakes devastate the land, assassins follow her every move, and handsome men vie for her attention. 
Countess Evalina wants the throne for herself and will do anything it takes to remove an obstacle like Celeste. To defeat her, Celeste must learn to control the magical silvite that falls from the moons 
and decide who to align herself with, not just for love, but for the fate of a nation. 

Elias is a soldier turned blacksmith who is pulled into Celeste's quest by more than the threat to his country – he is following his heart by protecting hers. Together, can they prevent Evalina from destroying everything they hold dear? Does he have a hope of winning her heart when their destinies seem worlds apart?

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My Thoughts:

Beginning with a spurned woman and a kidnapped child, this book captured my interest. Filled with magic powered by silvite which falls from the sky and must be gathered this book is a delightful fantasy novel.

Celeste is a young maiden from a small village on the outskirts of the kingdom. She decides to set off for the main city of Cascedion to look for her birth parents. On the way there she meets up with Elias who accompanies her there on business of his own.

This is a clean romance adventure fantasy novel with a lot of interesting action. The magic in this book is neither white nor black magic, but given by the Creator and used for good or ill. I really enjoyed journeying along with Celeste on her adventure.

Once Celeste reaches Cascedion, she discovers who her parents really are, and that her childhood was really all a sham, and (like many girls dream of) she really is a princess! Even better, she has some ability with magic. In need of magical training, lest she destroy the kingdom by accident, she is sent off with a small contingent to seek out Ogdemious, a powerful mage for training.

I had fun watching Bo and Elias interacting and vying for Celeste’s attention, Bo thinking he had an “unspoken” agreement of engagement with Celeste and Elias having permission from Celeste’s father (once she discovered who he is) to court Celeste, although this permission was unknown to Celeste at the time. Meanwhile, Celeste is keeping herself pure in case she has to marry someone for the kingdom.

I liked each of the characters in their own way, some more than others. Of course Evalina was at the bottom of the list as she was trying to kill the heir to the throne. Of the good guys, I would say that I liked Bo the least, but that was for assuming that he was going to marry Celeste when he’d never even asked her out on a date! At the other end of the scale of course are the heroine Celeste and the one she loves, Elias. He is such a gentleman. I like chivalry, and he is chivalrous, always trying to do things the right way.

This was a feel-good book with a happy ending. Not a sappy feel-good book, a satisfying feel-good book. I would enjoy reading it to my daughter if she were still aged 8-12, and I enjoyed reading it as an adult. I gave this book 4 stars out of 5.

Thank you to the author April Delphinium for providing a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. A positive opinion was not required. All thoughts are my own.

About the Author:

April Delphinium started her illustrious writing career as an eighth grader, where the first chapter of her first novel attempt brought her classmates to the edge of their seats crying, "Oh, please tell us what happens next!" From there she moved on to bigger things, like poetry club and writing scientific articles regarding laser analysis of protein formation.

As a wife and homeschooling mother, her part time writing career has not subsided. She currently writes how-to articles for a local magazine and just released her first full novel, "Then the Moonstone Sang," the first book of the Cascedion Gemstone fantasy-romance trilogy. The setting is based in part on her childhood home in the Cascade mountain range, known for its vast diversity of ecology and climate. Similarly, the hero is based partly on her husband, who is a handsome hunk.

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