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Book Review: The Fisherman's Wife: The Gospel According to St. Peter's Spouse by Kathleen Glavich

The Fisherman’s Wife: The Gospel According to St. Peter’s Spouse
By Kathleen Glavich
Publisher: Westbow Press
Published: June 10, 2013
ISBN: 9781449790585

Amazon Synopsis:

Open The Fisherman’s Wife and you enter the world of first-century Capernaum on the Sea of Galilee. This is the hometown of St. Peter’s wife. What was it like to be a Jewish woman married to a man who leaves home for long stretches of time to follow Jesus, a controversial preacher with mysterious powers? Through The Fisherman’s Wife you experience the unusual life of Peter’s wife vicariously.

In Capernaum you meet not only impetuous Peter, but the tempestuous Zebedee brothers and other apostles, persons Jesus healed, Mary, and the Lord himself. People in the Bible spring to life as their stories are told through the eyes of St. Peter’s wife. At first she regards Jesus as a rival for her husband’s affections. As she transforms from a doubter into a fervent disciple, you are treated to a personal and unique view not only of Peter but of 

Jesus—his words and actions culminating in his death and rising.

By the time you are finished reading, you will feel as though you know the people who walk through the Bible at the time of Jesus. From then on, hearing and reading their stories in Scripture will never be the same.

My Thoughts:

This was an excellent novel. I enjoyed that fact that it was written from the point of view of Miriam, the disciple Peter’s wife. No one knows if that is her real name or not, but that is the name that the author Kathleen Glavich has given her. The story is written in present tense, so it is as though she is speaking directly to you, as the events are taking place. It enables you to feel as though you are right there, experiencing the things that Miriam is experiencing.

Ms. Glavich has done her research. It shows in her description of the places she describes and of the events that take place, even down to the type of fish that Peter and the other fishermen would have caught in the Sea of Galilee.

I thought that Miriam’s feelings and emotions may very well have been the feelings that the same as the feelings the actual wife of Peter had towards Jesus at first, resenting this person at first who seems to be making these outrageous claims. But it is wonderful to see her attitude and behaviour change as she comes to realize that Jesus is truly the Messiah.

It was very interesting to explore what Miriam’s life would have been like with Peter gone so much of the time and her at home to raise the children. When we read the Bible, we think about Peter and the disciples, we don’t think about those that they left at home taking care of their families.

Much of this book is written as narrative, rather than as dialogue, but I think that this was partially necessary as Miriam was not present for everything that happened, but she would have been told about these things that happened with Peter and the other disciples as they were told to her. I think that Ms. Glavich had done an excellent job of weaving the scenes together and making the story flow smoothly as a whole.

I gave this book a rating of 5 stars.

Thank you to the author for providing a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. I was not required to provide a positive opinion. All thoughts are my own.

About the Author:

Mary Kathleen Glavich is a Roman Catholic nun who has dreamed of being a teacher since she was a child. She has lived almost her entire life in Cleveland Ohio. She has earned a BA degree from Notre Dame College of Ohio and an MA degree is in secondary education (English) from the University of Minnesota.

In 1979, I while teaching English and Religion at Regina High School, she began writing for publication. She has since written many articles which have been published in magazines and journals. Her writing hobby became a full-time ministry when she began working with a team writing a high school religion series. Kathleen has also authored and edited a children’s version of the Little Rock Scripture Study. She has had a total of more than seventy books published. The Fisherman’s Wife, however, is her first novel.

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