Thursday, September 26, 2013

Author Spotlight: Jo Chumas, Author of The Hidden

Jo Chumas is a British-born international freelance writer and journalist living in Barcelona, Spain. She has also lived in Belgium, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, and the UK

When Chumas is not busy writing, she teaches English to Catalan and Spanish people.

Jo is the winner of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award 2013 Thriller/Suspense category for The Hidden.

She has written one previous novel, After Rafaela. She also has a self-published version of The Hidden. She is currently working on her third novel.

A university professor is brutally murdered in Egypt’s Sinai desert in 1940, leaving behind his new bride, the beautiful young Aimee Ibrahim. As Aimee tries to unravel the web of lies and secrets surrounding her husband’s death, she unwittingly becomes a pawn in a revolutionary plot against Egypt’s king. With the discovery of a twenty-year-old diary, the mystery only deepens. As Aimee gets ever closer to the truth, she discovers startling parallels between her own life and that of the mother she never knew.
Unfolding in the city’s brothels, hashish cafes, and jasmine-scented colonial mansions, The Hidden is a gritty, sensual tale of revolution, betrayal, and the lengths we will go to for love—and truth.

For more on Jo Chumas’ books, please visit her website

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