Saturday, August 24, 2013

Author Spotlight: Ron Swager and Ed Chinn

Today we have two authors to spotlight. They are the authors of The Day of the Elephants. This is the true story of a young African boy and his escape from death when his village is massacred.

Ron Swager

Ron Swager is a businessman who has been involved in a variety of businesses as both employee and owner. He has written marketing plans,  business plans, and sales training manuals.” Day of the Elephants” is his first published literary work.

He enjoys golf, fly fishing  and competitive gin rummy.

To find out more about Ron, visit You can also find Ron on

Ed Chinn

Ed Chin began writing in 1997. Since then he has authored newspaper and website columns as well as having ghostwritten several books.

Ed has authored three books: Footprints in the Sea, New Eyes for a New World and Day of the Elephants.
 He is the owner of the Cook River Pub, a book publishing company that works mainly with new authors. To find out more about Ed or his publishing company, visit

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