Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Getting Started

I have decided to start sharing reviews of books that I am reading. I decided to do this when I was invited by a friend of mine, Christine Lindsay,  to review a book by another author. I never realized before that there are authors and publishers who are looking for people to read and review their books. Since I love reading, I figured that this would be a perfect fit for me.

It's actually been a couple of years since I have read any books at all. For me that is unusual because as a teacher, I have the summers off and normally spend huge amounts of that time reading. It would not be unusual for me to read up to 50 books over the summer break. However, I stopped reading when I started having chronic migraine headaches. The headaches made it difficult to read for any extended period words printed on paper. Reading glasses didn't help either. However, I have now discovered ebooks, and love the versatility in the print size and font. If I enlarge the font and change the layout to black backgrounds with light coloured text, I can read again. I am so thankful to have this wonderful pastime returned to me.

I hope that you will return often to this blog to see what I have been reading lately and find some good books to read yourself.

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